In 2016 the AMNBS became an international affiliate Federation with the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) and are proud to uphold their passion on providing the highest level platform for natural athletes to compete and stringent drug testing.

Our association with the WNBF allow us to reward athletes with the highest honour, their WNBF Pro Athlete Status which is recognised World Wide throughout their 11 affiliate countries as well as provide the opportunity for Pro and Amateur athletes to compete against the best of the best natural athletes via a range of international competitions.

WNBF Pro Card will be awarded each year at our National Titles Event, as well as any international INBF/WNBF Pro/Am Events we take our Australian Teams to where there is the required number of registered competitors in order to reward, for a Pro Card.

Each each we will present our Overall National Champions of Physique, Classic Physique and Bodybuilding with a prestigious World Natural Bodybuilding Pro Card.

To qualify to compete for the AMNBS National Titles Event in order to receive your WNBF Pro, you must:

• Be an AMNBS Member
• Compete and place in the Top 5 at a AMNBS State Title Event
• Compete and Win in the Overall Physique, Classic Physique or Bodybuilding Categories to become a WNBF Pro
• Adhere to WNBF Drug Testing and Polygraph Protocol in order to compete

If you require any further information or require further clarification on please email

About Us


The AMNBS is an all natural, all male event, with their first inaugural event on August 27th.

You must compete at our August Queensland Titles event in order to qualify for our National Titles on October 14th where you can earn your Pro Status with the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation and Join our Australian Team to compete at the WNBF World Pro/Am Championships in November 2017.

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Address: Unit 2, 58 Prtichard Road, Virginia Q 4034