The AMNBS Category Criteria outline requirements for competitors to ensure you have a clear understanding what the AMNBS are looking for in each of our Categories.  Each competitor will be judged on this criteria whilst they are on the stage, to ensure you score well, place or even win, read over so that you have a better understanding to meet the requirements.

Before  you Register for our Events, first select your category:

  • Physique
  • Classic Physique
  • Bodybuilding

Then select the Divisions with in the Categories you wish to register in:

  • First Timers
  • Novice Short or Tall
  • Age Groups – Under 30, 30+, 40-50+
  • Open Short and Tall
  • Weight Classes – Light Weight, Middle Weight, Light Heavy Weight, Heavy Weight

If you enter a category and do not meet the criteria you are ineligible to win.

To find out more on each category select from all our options below:

About Us


The AMNBS is an all natural, all male event, with their first inaugural event on August 27th.

You must compete at our August Queensland Titles event in order to qualify for our National Titles on October 14th where you can earn your Pro Status with the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation and Join our Australian Team to compete at the WNBF World Pro/Am Championships in November 2017.

Contact Info


Phone:    0414 671 017
Address: Unit 2, 58 Prtichard Road, Virginia Q 4034